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Author Topic: It's that time of the year again... Insurance renewal just before XMas  (Read 254 times)

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Offline yvesjv

Hi all,

Every darn XMas/NY.
I think they want to get my $$$ first before we eat/drink it all.

Currently looking at the AANT ticket for full comprehensive and it is at just under $1235.
Basic excess is at $500.
Sum insured is "New Car Replacement"

I really like the AANT as they are a very good/reliable crew.
But I'd be insane not to checkout the competition.

Thus the question, who do you guys insure with and how good are they?

Thanks in advance.

Offline WAI4WD

Mine is with club4x4 as most of the cars work will be offroad, and I think it was around $850 for the year and I chose an $850 excess. If I did any damage under $1500, I would just fix it myself without insurance, hence I take a bigger excess usually to keep the annual cost down.

Mine is covered though completely offroad, anywhere, literally. Other insurers don't offer that and would be useless for anyone who wheels offroad regularly.
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Offline 257Bob

I'm with NRMA and just insured mine.  The agreed value actually went up by $3 100.  It was $24 300 last year and $27 400 this year.  Considering I paid $34 000 for it six year ago, that's a depreciation of a bit over $1 100 per year.  Pretty good. 

I've used NRMA for a few claims, unfortunately.  Two vehicle claims and two home contents claims.  They have been fantastic to deal with every single time. 
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Offline yvesjv

Thanks guys,

Did the online quoting on both CLUB4x4 and NRMA.
Tried to get the equivalent of 'new car replacement' if the Fun Minister does the DMax in, that would be the third vehicle of mine if that happens... never hers  :dontknow:

CLUB4x4 took the details and will get back within the next day
NRMA straight out quoted online the Monthly/Yearly costs. I'm looking at $1948 for agreed value per year. Haven't listed the adds on yet...Hmm, I think not but was worth looking into.

Offline WAI4WD

I did my club4x4 all online, tweaked all the options to suit my use, and got the online figure then and there.
X-Terrain with a long list of mods to be done.

Offline OldMucks

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I changed to Coles Insurance this year  - full comprehensive - $800 excess $550.

Offline ajm

Hey yvesjv, we are with budgetdirect. Cannot fault them during our latest insurance dealings and the premiums are around $950  per vehicle which includes a chunk for the pay monthly or weekly convenience.

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Offline yvesjv

Thanks guys.
Club4x4 wants pics of the fron, sides and back of the ute before they even give an estimate... nah.
NRMA was just under $2K... oh yeah, nah!

TIO is now ripping off the country side since they got sold off to Alliance... don't think so either.

I'll look up the rest proposed.

Offline glenm64

You get what you pay for.
If it's a glammed up shopping trolley that doesn't get more than 500km for home go for Coles or similar. If you do serious off road read the fine print, that's why some are more expensive,  but some are just a rip off.

Cheers Glen

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Offline tom60

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I NEVER renew our insurances.  Insurance companies don't believe in loyalty and invariably increase the premium annually.  They will usually offer a better price to new customers compared to existing.  Therefore I cancel the policy at the end of the 12 month period and start fresh.  Often with the same company.  Usually this results in a saving of at least $100.   


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