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Author Topic: Rego info - based in qld  (Read 632 times)

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Offline BeeMee

Rego info - based in qld
« on: Mar 27, 2021, 10:22:08 AM »
Having some issues with jerks.
I am unable to get a correct order to register my Isuzu 300 Pantech - with their conflicting "what to do's"

Firstly the vehicle is now unregistered and has no plates. Long term - it will NEVER be a delivery or carting type vehicle, it will be private only. May even consider after we move, if we don't sell it is to turn it into a camper/mobile home. The vehicle is over 4.5 tonne and is about 6 tonne. Picture of it is under El=ectrical and Lighting and subject heading "2006 Isuzu"

What order is the correct way?

Measure vehicle length and height.

I don't want the cops pulling me over because someone has not given the right directions. I wrote to Main Roads Qld Registration area, but when I got back their notification to say they received it, it stated up to 15 days wait for a reply.   I would like to know sooner than that because once registered we will be packing it with all furniture as we are moving.


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Re: Rego info - based in qld
« Reply #1 on: Mar 27, 2021, 11:17:28 AM »
Even though it will be for private use it would still be classed as a Light Truck I would think. So, measures and weights would have to be included in the roadworthy . I would be talking to someone who inspects trucks and does roadworthy certificates first.
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Re: Rego info - based in qld
« Reply #2 on: Mar 27, 2021, 03:02:03 PM »

You are basically correct however you will need a weighbridge ticket for tare weight.

Before driving it on a road you MUST have the CTP AND a completed application to register form in your possession, only then may you drive it on ta road for the purpose of preparation for registration (CTP, COI (Certificate of Inspection)as over 4.5t gvm, travel to person who is certifying measurements etc, and to registration office if necessary).

Should you be intercepted then DO NOT ARGUE, but certainly explain what you are doing and show all documentation to the officer in question, should he/she issue any infringement noticed then write to the address shown and include copies of the documents.

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Re: Rego info - based in qld
« Reply #3 on: Mar 27, 2021, 03:20:58 PM »
You're planning to register a heavy vehicle, so make sure you're looking at the heavy vehicle sections of the QT website would be my first advice, not light vehicles.  The fact you want to register it for private use is irrelevant, it's still a heavy vehicle.  If you know the old rego number, and it was a Qld  one, it will probably be easier.  If you don't, or its from interstate etc, you made need a pre-registration inspection, which I believe is different from the Certificate of Inspection (COI).  The COI is the heavy vehicle equivalent of a safety certificate (roadworthy) for a light vehicle.  I think the pre-registration inspection & certificate is to ensure ADR compliance and vehicle identity.  You'll probably also need a weigh bridge certificate.  If you keep the truck, you'll need a new COI every year too.  I think heavy vehicles in Qld are now all under the National Heavy Vehicle Registration scheme too, although the admin side is still handled by Qld Transport.  You'll also need to know the GVM.  The TARE will come from the weighbridge certificate.

I would probably find an approved heavy vehicle inspection station in your area and speak to them, as they would deal with it daily, and confirm exactly what inspections you need in what order, such as CTP first, then pre-reg, followed by COI, followed by weighbridge, followed by QT visit.  A good second hand truck dealership would likely have the required accreditations to do the inspections and issue the certificates for you in one hit.  Even an Isuzu Truck dealer (NOT an Isuzu Ute dealer) in your area might be able to help with inspections, CTP and paperwork.

Good luck.

PS: I see Athol has posted while I was typing this.  Follow his advice. :icon_thumleft:
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Offline BeeMee

Re: Rego info - based in qld
« Reply #4 on: Mar 27, 2021, 06:16:54 PM »
Thanks to all who commented.
The vehicle was registered, but where unknown. Yet when I phoned QT they knew more about it than I did, even though I gave some details. So I am assuming it was a QLD rego formerly.

The Isuzu is alive with compliance plates on size, weight, tare and gross, if I read right.

The two people who did all this in one hit, were west and east of me. Equal distance. Both were the opposites at what steps to do in order. Hence why I was confused. Not to mention one was double the price of the other.

I was told once we had moved, we could have it under a "C" license? What? do they take out components, take off one set of the dual wheels, LOL to get it under that category.
Laws have changed from the last truck we had in the 1980's.


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